About us

ALPHA Papoutsis, is located on Zevgolatio of Corinth, is active in the production, standardization and marketing of fresh agricultural products. Corinthia, as it is known, is famous for the production of agricultural products and especially for the high quality of apricots and grapes.
It is a family business which is made up of the four members of the Papoutsi’s family. The company has been active in the field of fresh products since the early 1980s, supplying the largest markets from Athens to Thessaloniki and the Aegean sea.
The company is mainly active in the domestic market, which is very demanding since Greece is a rural country and Greeks can distinguish agricaltural products based on their quality.
At the same time, the company has developed a network of customers in foreign markets looking for quality products.
The company mainly sells grapes, apricots and pears, during the summer season and oranges, mandarins and strawberries during the winter season.