Welcome to the new website of ALFA PAPOUTSIS Ltd.

Our company is one of the leading suppliers of fruit in Greece. At the same time, the company supplies selected foreign markets with certified quality products.

Our customers enjoy high quality goods. Continuous checks in all stages of the production process, ensure the harvesting, packaging and distribution of healthy, nutritious and safe products.

Thanks to many years of experience, ALFA has the know-how and flexibility to adapt to market demands. At ALFA, quality is our primary goal and purpose, so we have focused on a “qualitative” job instead of a “quantitative” one.


The company owns two privately-owned premises in Zevgolatio of Korinthia with a total area of 14,000sqm.
In particular, the company has a modern packaging plant for grapes and apricots of 5,000sqm and cooling areas of 2,500sqm.
The second privately-owned unit has 3,000sqm storage areas and 1,500sqm cooling areas.

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